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Pearl Shine International is a group of companies operating in six business sectors; communication and information technology, e-business solutions, international trading, food franchise, print medium, services related to construction, welfare and health care.
Every company or project associated with PSG functions independently and efficiently. We emphasize on acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the customer’s ambience and needs, and designs solutions mandatory to those needs.


Featured Services
To be the giant of financial market, PSGI has launch its another project under the name of PSGI GOLD
PSGI Overseas Employment Promoters, has been offering affordable visa/processing
PSGI has also vision to establish a media group which has been started by launching a e-magazine named as AWAZ-E-WAH. It will be the one and only e-magazine in Wah Cantt
Pearl in Asia provides Investors with expert consultancy, couple with transparent and logical procedure that help investors to setup a successful business &