"This Project has been put on hold due to inconsistencies reported by Customers. For the well-being of our customers, we have requested the respective company to re-structure and strengthen; which is in progress. Once re-structuring has been done and product has been strengthened we will recommence the Project. This has been done only to provide optimal services to our valuable customers. "

PSGI has also core expertise in its B2B segment. PSGI is now the strategic platinum partner of worldoftrade.com throughout the world and has an immense contribution to introduce the B2B platform not only in Pakistan but for the global recognition worldoftrade.com.

PSGI is still exploring the opportunities to introducing the globally recognized B2B platform not only in Pakistan but also in other Asian countries because in these regions growing business and industries still has global gape to link with other world.

Worldoftrade.com offers reliable, robust and comprehensive business solutions to buyers and suppliers around the world. The vision of Worldoftrade.com is to offer a single online marketplace to carry out B2B trading for exporters and importers efficiently and by adding maximum value to its clients. With a growing portfolio of authentic traders has turned out to be the only hi-tech B2B platform, integrated the most accurate software, which includes data security kits ensuring trading through safe and sound processes and guaranteeing verified participants with a pleasurable experience online. Worldoftrade.com is a company on the path towards technological progress keeping in mind a systematic and steadfast vision.