PSG has introduced an active investor structure, which will enables us to be in a best possible relationship with our clients while coordinating and consolidating activity at the corporate level.

Our investor relation strategy, our research and development team and human resources are managed at the corporate level.

We will give the guidelines on developing a workable plan for investors/ companies, optimize the appropriate shareholder base for the company`s stock, view the element impact on capital size, industry, business model, region and life cycle and provide the essential and trust based services to our clients.

Though we believe in transparent investor relation program and function accordingly by disclosing the policies and best practices that enable us to win our customers trust.

The operational strategy and decisions common to our various operations are overseen by the Executive Committee, which brings together the CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, the Operational Managers of functional departments.

For further details and queries kindly contact on the below mentioned numbers, we will be available for your assistance;