Pearl Shine Group (PSGI) have joint venture with an International business firm "ANJA International Associates" that envisions and implements the most apt solutions for clients through a client-centric delivery model.

ANJA acronym is derived from All Nation Joint Academy. This reflects
our aim of working in harmony with all countries on our planet.

ANJA Investment is a multi facet company with diversified reach into Power Generation,Oil & Gas, Solar,Wind; Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Transportation, Airports, HealthCarefacilities,Hospitality, Telecommunications, Software Engineering and Construction. From conceptual project initiation to detailed engineering, to procurement and through construction and start up operation, ANJA is ready to work with private and public companies around the World.

ANJA is a leader in financial field with extensive contacts with high end investors, trading institutions and financial instrument providers. ANJA understands that one company alone cannot perform all the functions required in a large and complex project. ANJA is proud to have association with US construction companies those are experts in their fields.